Happy full moon in Leo!

I feel this full moon in Leo is calling us to come out of our hiding.
It’s inviting us to live like a child, wildly free. Free to play, free to take up space, free to enjoy itself. It’s asking: “What do YOU WANT to do?”

Leo is all about passion and creativity. Are you having fun doing what lights you up most? Is your solar plexus leading the way? Are you taking time to recharge with play? 🌞

This morning we played a board game. It wasn’t a logical decision, nor a responsible one, and not part of our usual routine. But the feeling reminded me of a child who woke up on the weekend without a care (or a schedule) in the world.

I just felt the call and followed. Life simply wanted to play today. That’s totally okay. I’m learning to trust and listen to the pulse of the universe.

And guess what: During our playtime I had my first breakthrough! ⚡️

It turned out that having fun opened up a space inside and got the creative juices flowing. Remember that Aquarius conduit we spoke about? I really felt like it cleared the channel for conductivity, for connection, for download…

We were playing and it suddenly hit me—I need to share more with you about the cycles within the cycles throughout the month as well. Living in Harmony is not just about one sun cycle, it’s a collection of cycles within cycles, which are all interacting or dancing with one another. Within the sun cycle, we have the moon cycles, for example. So even though the sun’s energy is in Aquarius, giving these weeks an overall Aquarian flavor, the moon is illuminating Leo (Aquarius’ sister-sign) lately, which makes today’s full moon very medicinal and balancing, if we welcome its wisdom.

(Typing that now makes me think, “Well, duh.” But I hadn’t seen that clearly before because I was too busy trying to stay on top of things, sticking to my scheduled routine, continuously putting in that hard work from Capricorn season. But with space and a lightness of being, it became clear that I need to share about the cycles within cycles.)

What about you?
Are you enjoying your unique form of creative self-expression?

Are you having fun for the sake of fun?
What is lighting you up lately?
Do you feel you’re close to a breakthrough, or maybe already had one, or two…?