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Living In Energetic Harmony

A yearlong journey of discovery with Jeff Carreira & Silvia Rodrigues

January 1, 2023—December 31, 2023

live monthly workshops

Online via Zoom video conferencing


We are happy to offer this yearlong journey of discovery based on the Living in Harmony with the Deities 2023 calendar. 

This program will be as profound as it is simple. We will meet for a 90-minute harmonizing workshop at the start of each month. (Generally, this will be held on the first day of the month with one exception in April.) 

In these sessions we will illuminate the way the spiritual energies that affect all of us change throughout the year. In each session we will speak specifically to the shifting energies of that month and how we can best align with them.

We are taught that the universe is an expanse of empty space that is still unless something moves within it. Even physical science is realizing that this is not the case. What we have been told is just empty space, is actually vibrant and alive.

Spiritually speaking this has been known for millennia. The higher dimensions of spirit are alive with energetic currents that constantly move and influence everything that happens on Earth. Astrology, Alchemy, Magic and the Deities worshiped in all mystical traditions, were all aimed at identifying, understanding and learning to live in harmony with the higher energies of spirit.

The Living in Harmony with the Deities 2023 calendar draws from a number of different mystical, religious and esoteric traditions to create a graphic snapshot of the energy signature of each month, but there is much more subtlety involved in these shifts than can possibly be captured in a calendar. 

That’s why we decided to offer the Living in Energetic Harmony yearlong program. We want the chance to live with you throughout the year, using the calendar as our energetic guide to explore how we can all best harmonize with the energies of each month and learn to be guided by the unique flows that present themselves. 

As we have already said, the current paradigm sees the universe as empty, so we are responsible for generating all of the force and momentum that creates movement and gets things done in our lives. We generate achievements through effort and willpower, so, like driving a car, the more powerful our engine, the further we can go. 

But if reality is not empty, if it is instead full of spiritual currents that are always moving and shifting like the wind around us, living is more like sailing a boat than driving a car. If we align with the wind, its power will propel us forward without us needing to use any energy at all. 

The goal of this yearlong journey is to discover together how we can live more effortlessly by learning to harness the spiritual currents of reality as they shift throughout the year. 

We hope you will join us for this adventure. 

♡ Jeff Carreira & Silvia Rodrigues

join today

Tuition $240 includes a calendar. 

When you register you will receive a coupon code to order your calendar for free — you will need to pay only the shipping charges. Those who have already purchased the calendar can register for the program for $200. (For questions email me at hi@silviasatya.com)

Join the journey and live in harmony.
register here

workshop schedule with deities

All workshops will be held via zoom from 12:30pm to 2:00pm, US Eastern Time.
All workshops will be recorded and available for those that cannot attend live. 

January 1 — Working with the energies of Janus, Ganesha & Horus
February 1 — Working with the energies of Horus, Prometheus & Asteria
March 1 — Working with the energies of Asteria, Quan Yin & Amaterasu
April 2 — Working with the energies of Amaterasu, Ares & Pan
May 1 — Working with the energies of Pan, Aphrodite & Iris
June 1 — Working with the energies of Iris, Hermes & Thoth
July 1 — Working with the energies of Thoth, Yemoja & Oshun
August 1 — Working with the energies of Oshun, Apollo & Athena
September 1 — Working with the energies of Athena, Mary & Astraea
October 1 — Working with the energies of Astraea, Ma’at & Eros
November 1 — Working with the energies of Eros, Kali & Anubis
December 1 — Working with the energies of Anubis, Hayagriva & Janus

Silvia Rodrigues

Silvia had her life transformed by gifts of spiritual illumination. For the past ten years she has actively used the blessings she received to support others on their own journey as a yoga teacher, artist, and oracle guide. All of her work is informed and infused by the visionary light of divinity that is always available to each of us. Her greatest joy is inspiring people to explore their own inner knowing and discover the heart center within them.

Jeff Carreira is an author, mystical philosopher, artist and meditation teacher. Thirty years ago he dedicated himself entirely to the focused pursuit of spiritual awakening. He began teaching meditation and awakening fifteen years ago, and today supports people from around the world to share the fruits and blessings of their own spiritual path. His novels use the powerful medium of story to illuminate the mysterious ways in which we can awaken to the invisible realms and hidden truths that always lie just beyond the familiar world around us.

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